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Alaska flight schools

Arctic Flyers at Lake Hood in Anchorage, Oldest continuous Flight School in Alaska.
Rick and Heidi Reuss, owners and instuctors both with over 32,000 hours.

There are Alaska flight schools that provide flight training in tail wheel airplanes and ski planes for a simple tail wheel or ski plane endorsement, private through commercial, up through advanced Alaska bush flying techniques. Advanced bush flying techniques can include off-field landings on river bars, ridge tops, glaciers, frozen lakes and confined, obstructed landing areas.

There are Alaska flight schools that provide multi-engine training, advanced IFR instruction and flight instruction through your Airline Transport Pilot certification.

There is Alaska flight instruction available for float plane ratings including river landings, small mouintain lakes and all of the waterwork required to properly sail, slow taxi, step taxi and beach a float plane.

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