Post your pilot wanted ad.

If you want to post an ad seeking a pilot or pilots for your Alaska flight operation, email me with what you want to say in the ad. There is no charge for this and there is no limit on the number of words in the ad. To send me your email, type the following email address into your e-mail program:

The first 8 letters (all lower case) are     jjkalaska     followed by the @ sign     and then     gmail     followed by a dot (the actual dot{.}) and then     com

I will post your ad in the membership section of my website.

Here are some points you might consider including in your ad:
In your ad, it would be appropriate to specify the minimum pilot experience to be eligible for the job: i.e. total flight time, Alaska time or equivalent, time in type if necessary and anything else you feel is important such as good with customers, previous 135 experience, instrument rating, etc. Otherwise you will likely receive resumes from pilots who are lacking the required experience.

You should also specify whether the job is seasonal or all year 'round. Do you furnish housing or transportation for your pilots?...anything else you want to say.
Many of the members of the job section of flyalaska.com are highly qualified with thousands of hours and already live in Alaska. There are also some high time pilots who live in other parts of the country.
Other members are well qualified but with less experience who also live in Alaska or other parts of the country.
Flyalaska.com is an excellent resource for finding the pilot you need.


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