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 fly-in fishing

Remote area fishing with Branch River Air

 fly-in fishing

Remote area fishing with Wilderness Place Lodge

Air taxi operators and lodge owners throughout Alaska can provide you with an Alaska flyout fishing adventure of a lifetime. There are flyout fishing options to fit almost any budget or time frame. You can flyout in the morning from most Alaska towns and cities for a guided or unguided fishing adventure. And then be picked up for your return flight at the end of the day.

Or,...at the other end of the flyout fishing-options spectrum, high-end remote lodges will provide you with gormet meals, luxurious quarters in remote wilderness locations and fly you out every day for a week with an expert guide to secret and extremely remote fishing spots on lakes, rivers,creeks and salt water locations.

You can fish for the 5 species of pacific salmon and a multitude of fresh water species. Fresh water fly fish or spin fish for rainbow trout (a fly fisherman's favorite), arctic greyling, northern pike, huge lake trout, dolly varden, arctic char, brook trout, cutthroat trout, shee fish, steel head, burbot, and in some Alaskan rivers, leopard rainbows.

In many flyout fishing locations, boats are used and in others, it's fishing from shore in hip boots or chest waders. Fishing from various prime fishing spots along a river float trip with several nights of camping is another option. Alaska flyout fishing options are almost limitless.
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